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Pirate Parties Stand with Catalan Pirates and People

Pirate Parties Stand with Catalan Pirates and People

Pirate Parties from around the world are uniting in condemning censorship by the Spanish government.

Pirate Parties worldwide support Catalan Pirates against censorship
We, the Pirate Parties and NGOs of the Pirate movement around the world, express our solidarity with the Catalan Pirates whose websites about the Referendum of Self Determination campaign and the use of Tor are currently being censored by the Spanish authorities. Additionally, we express our solidarity with all citizens of Catalonia who have been met with violent state repression for exercising their democratic right to vote in the independence referendum.

We denounce all political censorship. The Internet censorship by Spanish authorities is an unacceptable violation of human rights and political freedoms, regardless of the legality of the Catalan referendum and the merits of the secessionist cause.

We call upon the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and all democratic governmental bodies worldwide to intervene in support of democracy and freedom of speech in Catalonia. Human rights violations, such as this clearly blatant disregard of free speech, are never internal affairs of any country but the business of all humanity.

Pirate Parties International (PPI), Geneva
Pirate Party Switzerland
Pirate Party Canada
Pirate without Borders
Pirate Party of the Netherlands
Pirate Party of Catalonia
Austrian Pirate Party
Pirate Party Australia
Pirate Party of Tyrol
The Czech Pirate Party
Pirates of Venezuela
Pirate Party Belgium
Pirate Lobby
Pirate Party of Norway
Pirate Party Germany
Partido Interdimensional Pirata (Argentina)
Partido Pirata (Chile)
Pirate Party of Sweden
Pirate Confederation (Spain & Catalonia) –
Mary Read – Feminist Pirates (Spain & Catalonia)
Pirate Movement (Spain & Catalonia)

Featured Image: Don McCullough   CC BY

This press release is by the above signed Pirate parties and organisations

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Think Twice Three: A Conference for Online Freedom and Global Cooperation

Think Twice Three: A Conference for Online Freedom and Global Cooperation

The next Think Twice conference (TT3) will be held from March 2-4, 2018 in Jerusalem.

This is a guest post by PPI – written by Keith Goldstein (PPI Treasurer).

This gathering will bring together academics, business people, non-profit and government officials, as well as activists in general who are concerned about creating a fair and free internet. The event is sponsored by Pirate Parties International, spearheaded by a collaboration of the Israeli and German Pirate Parties. However, TT3 is not just a Pirate event. Rather, we are opening our doors to the wider community, where we seek to create a lively debate about necessary innovations to such topics as online democracy, net neutrality, copyrights, and human rights.

Registration is Open

Registration for TT3 is now open. If you are interested in attending the event, please go to the PPI website and fill out an application for speaking, presenting, volunteering or attending. A wide variety of forums will be presented over the period, such as a hackathon, a panel on “Redefining Government Responsibility in Online Environments”, and poster presentations. All participants are encouraged to be involved in organizing workshops and other activities. Space will be limited, and there is a rolling acceptance of speakers.

Why Jerusalem?

Pirates are no strangers to controversy and hosting a conference in Jerusalem is a provocative statement. We seek to bridge conflicts, to bring together diverse people who can openly and freely discuss political sensitive opinions – whether in online forums or physically in the confines of a conference. Pirates are searching for answers to difficult problems of human rights, and Jerusalem provides a unique atmosphere where we can debate how to enact peaceful resolutions of conflict. Likewise, this will be the first multinational Pirate conference outside Europe. Jerusalem is a physical bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa. More so, it is a symbolic bridge of interconnectedness on this planet. By hosting TT3 in Jerusalem, we will be making a monumental statement about the need to create dialogue in the middle east. While all of the major world powers have exacerbated conflict, it is incumbent for the Pirates to create a meaningful forum to seriously debate issues resonating out of Jerusalem.

I Can’t Attend But Would Love To Be Involved

‘I wish I could attend, but I don’t have the money or time to get to Jerusalem.’ No worries, we will be live streaming the conference on Youtube and Mumble. We will also be opening live online forums where users abroad can interact with the conference. If you are interested in staying up to date about information relating to the conference, please sign up for our mailing list.

Be A Sponsor

Align your organization with this conference! Sponsors should support some of the ideals established within the resolutions of PPI, such as access to medicine, fair and balanced copyright, net neutrality, basic income, the right to privacy, public transparency, global democracy, and denouncement of unjust penal codes. All sponsor requests will be considered by the board of PPI. Opportunities are available to set up an exhibitor’s booth, to sell merchandise, and to advertise your organization on the conference website and booklets. Please read more about the various sponsorship opportunities at pp-international/tt3, and fill out a form at the PPI website . Sponsors may also provide hardware and other needs for the event, such as live feed internet set up, projectors, sound boards and printouts.

We look forward to informing you more about TT3!
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PPI turns 7 years old, accomplishments over past year

PPI turns 7 years old, accomplishments over past year

The following article was written collaboratively by board members of PPI, several of whom are also part of the Pirate Times team. While PPI and Pirate Times are distinct organizations they maintain a working collaborative relationship to support Pirate Parties around the world.

The first General Assembly
In 2010, during April 16th-18th, Pirate Parties International (PPI) held its first General Assembly in Brussels. Pirate Parties from 24 countries came together and officially formed the organization. It was a unique initiative. One that surpassed the global reach of any other political party when Pirate Parties from around the world met together to create a supranational organization that would support them. PPI is a global umbrella organization like none other. One that increases awareness and assists the spread of the pirate movement.

PPI Statistics
  • 69 national Pirate Parties are documented on PPI’s website
  • 33 national parties are currently members of PPI
  • 28 national parties are currently active participants
  • 23 parties submitted delegates for the 2016 GA
  • 10 Pirate conferences took place prior to establishment
  • 10 General Assemblies took place since founding
  • 2 Think Twice Conferences took place (2014 in Frankfurt and 2015 in Istanbul)
  • 891,497 visits to the PPI website
Jump on board
On April 22nd, 2017, PPI will hold their 11th GA as an online General Assembly (GA). Members of PPI can submit delegates to vote on PPI statutes. Non-members can listen in and share their own feedback.

Let’s hear it from the board
PPI is a vessel as well as volunteers who push that vessel. As such, the organization is only as effective as the participants who assist. In honor of the event we asked each of the board members to briefly present what they see as the biggest accomplishment of PPI since the last GA and goals for the coming year.

Guillaume Saouli / Chairperson – Pirate Party of Switzerland / Council man
I am very glad to be surrounded by such an exceptional board. We are able to function as a team and contribute collectively to rapid changes in an organisation left to itself far too long.

Last July, our team (the new board) inherited a ship which was at bay. Our first priority was to bring it into a shape and state enabling us to go to sea. We were facing obvious and not so obvious challenges. These cover a broad array of domains: ranging from IT to social media and communication. Each board member has invested themselves tremendously over the past 9 months to make things happen. Re-establishing a climate of dialog, where the norm is fruitful discussions where everyone can benefit from these exchanges is our foremost preoccupation.

Recognizing the diversity and various levels of maturity of our constitutants is another one. Being able to support each and every pirate movement around the world with the apropriate engagement, tools and means. One shoe doesn’t fit all, each and every pirate party around the world has a different environment to deal with, and therefore the PPI needs to evolve in order to deliver in a sustainable manner. The road to achieve this isn’t obvious or easy, however it can only be achieved by fruitful dialogs rather then aggression. We, as pirates, have to acknowledge that every party is different, and this is a unique opportunity that can strengthen us.

Through establishing internal online democracy (a first since the inception of PPI) we have given the means to all members to participate in our development. This is our first and foremost achievement, in other words empowering the members of PPI to contribute to the destiny of the organisation.

Establishing a clear financial operation, and membership roster are two other key accomplishments of these first nine months. This required a huge time investment by the board members with over 3,000 hours volunteered over this period, which enabled us to complete 15 projects in various domains. Some others are still ongoing and will need a much larger time investment to complete them.

Bailey Lamon / Vice-Chairperson – Pirate Party of Canada
The current board has big goals for PPI. Personally I envision it becoming an open, collaborative hub for international coordination and to be able to provide practical support and resources to Pirate Parties and Pirate Activists. While an organization like PPI is obviously not required for Pirates around the world to connect and cooperate with each other, there is a lot of potential here. We are working hard to make PPI functional and usable for unified actions, building solidarity and taking advantage of its vast social network. We are all in the business of changing the world and shaking up current systems of power, and there is so much we have to offer “the cause” and each other in this vibrant community.

We still have a long way to go in terms of meeting our goals, which has disappointed and even angered some. There are those who truly believe that PPI has accomplished nothing over the years and that it should be dissolved entirely. Frustration is completely valid, but we want to assure everyone that we haven’t lost sight of the future and where we’re trying to steer the ship. It is simply not happening as quickly as expected, for a number of reasons that are largely out of our control. We are doing the best we can to overcome the challenges and while patience is not an infinite resource, patience is something we need now more than ever. I remain optimistic.

We hope that you will attend the upcoming online GA. The best thing that can happen right now is a constructive meeting with PPI members as well as non-members, and anyone who wants to help move this organization forward.

Thomas Gaul / General Secretary – Pirate Party of Germany,
Having served on the board before I can say, finally we have an eager and working team who all fit in with the goals of PPI. The achievements I have seen have been major ones compared to the very small steps in the past. Seeing this, it is about time to step forward with PPI and build up teams who will work to accomplish several goals we have assigned into tasks. As we know, a board in itself is nothing but teams who will make a living body out of PPI. I am thankful for working in a team with such great people.
A personal wish: I dearly hope those elected for a one year term will be reelected. They have deserved it for their very good work! And I wish we could visualize our real efforts since our past General Assembly.

Keith L. Goldstein / Treasurer – Pirate Party of Israel
Establishing our finances ( with a bank account in Switzerland and a Bitcoin exchange account has obviously been a major task. In the coming year, I would like to see us set up a crowdfunding campaign to sponsor a third Think Twice conference.

I also would like to see us develop a network of volunteers who can take greater ownership of PPI so that we can collaborate and communicate with greater frequency. PPI is in many respects an early global government, which protects individuals from the tyranny of national governments and corporations that seek to invade privacy and restrict freedom. While we are currently lacking substantial power, I believe we can become a formidable force by doing three things:

1) enabling national parties by helping countries that do not have an established political party with resources to create one and by providing services such as online voting systems

2) networking between members by sharing contact data and social media

3) gaining official status from international bodies, such as the UN.

Andrew Reitemeyer / Board Member – Pirate Party of New Zealand
I am excited by this board. We have, at long last, been able, with our move to Switzerland, to get ourselves a bank account – a task that has cost us many fruitless hours in the past. We are now looking outwards and onwards.

Raymond Johansen / Board Member – Pirate Party of Norway
It has been a privilege to get to know and to work with my board colleagues. I have seldom seen such dedication and professionalism. The big milestones, since we took over, seem to me, to be that we are now formally registered and as such have been able to establish banking relationships. We will now be able to actually fund our activities as a result. I am also proud to have been a small part of actually reestablishing contact with our members. The data we inherited was so poor that only one of the parties actually answered us when we first reached out.

I am elected for one year only so I will not speak too much about the future. But I do hope we let our chairs continue on the road to a strong organisation. Neither Rome nor any other city was built in a day, or even a year of hard work.

If the new board will let me, I will continue to be a part of developing this movement into a much more effective organisation, capable of much greater things.

I thank you all for your confidence and, as the MPAA would say: “Break a leg!”

International Seas Are Rough
Bringing different parties together from around the world, with distinct cultures and perceptions of the meaning of Pirateism, came with its own set of difficulties. Certain parties became more active, others decided to disaffiliate themselves, and yet PPI has persevered with the belief that by continuing this global movement with solidarity we can achieve many great things.

There is a Beacon of Light Out There
PPI is fighting problems that are much greater than any single party can fix, but they are optimistic that with everyone’s help PPI can achieve great things. There is a beacon of light out there, and it is you! For information on becoming a member of PPI or just volunteering, you can contact

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The General Assembly 2016 of Pirate Parties International

The General Assembly 2016 of Pirate Parties International

Since January I was busy on several levels in organizing the general assembly together with some Pirates: Jessica Zinn from Berlin (Germany), Jelena Jovanovic from Belgrade (Serbia) and former Chairman of PPI, Andrew Reitemeyer from Pongaroa (New Zealand). We were appointed from the board as the general assembly committee.

PPI GA – Photo CC-BY-NC by Mike Herbst

I did the supervision of the preparations, setting up the event website and gathered information about all things to organize and communicate with the board members about the progress done. Jelena took over the part of social media and communication with potential speakers and lecturers for workshops. Jessica was taking care of the location, social events and drinks/catering, Andrew set up a crowdfunding campaign for pirates, spreading calls for volunteers and getting in touch with delegates from pirate parties all over the world. On July 22nd, nearly everything was set up.

Friday evening, the unofficial start of the GA begun with our social event at “Holzmarkt” at the Spree waterside, where several pirates gathered for a meet and greet. About 30 pirates were chatting and laughing, greeting and discussing. What a great evening and joy to meet so many great people of our movement!

Saturday morning, the start of the general assembly was delayed nearly two hours because of remote delegates searching their proxies on the ground, although we set up several meetings before on Mumble, where nobody attended. A pity, really. And live streaming also wasn’t starting on time, because of technical matters (Unfortunately the Sunday recording went wrong). That was really awkward. Unfortunately, it added up with some dissatisfaction on our Mumble server, because remote delegates wanted to vote themselves and weren’t heard by the chair of the assembly (which was sorted out later). Pirate Party Canada left PPI for reasons (this will be part of another article). To be honest, at this point of the agenda, I was torn apart.

PPI GA – Photo CC-BY-NC by Mike Herbst

But to be fair: this time PPI GA was organized in a way that has not been done before: Speakers from all walks of life, and not necessarily connected to Pirate Party, additionally very interesting workshops added to the scene. That was marvelous. Despite the delayed start of the assembly, I opened the assembly and keynote speakers took over: Rick Falkvinge, founder of the first Pirate Party in Sweden and Bruno Kramm, chairman of Berlin Pirates both held inspirational speeches. They were discussing the future of the Pirate movement and looking back ten years to reflect of its greatest achievements.

The agenda included special guests: Christian Mihr (Reporters Without Borders), Lauri Love and top (Anon Uk Radio tuned in via video conference). Workshops on Saturday were done by Norbert Scheppers with “The Drone Wars” (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) and a hacking WiFi routers workshop “Occupy Wifi” held by Israeli Pirate from Haifa, Yoav Lifshitz and “Crowdsourcing an European Constitution” with Netherlands’ Pirate Thomas de Groot.

Back to general assembly – new observer members of Pirates Parties International were accepted:

* Internet Party Serbia
* New York Pirate Party
* Pirate Party North Rhine-Westfalia

PPI GA – Photo CC-BY-NC by Mike Herbst

The assembly did make some other decisions on Saturday as well: the future seat of PPI is going to be Geneva in Switzerland. A statutes amendment passed, which says that the board is elected for two years with rotation among the board members by electing every year only a part of it (SAP-5 Term of Office). After several other statutes amendments and the reports of the board there were the elections of the board:

– Chairperson – Guillaume Saouli / PP-CH (2 years)
– Vice-Chairperson – Bailey Lamon / PP-CA (1 year)
– Board Member – Andrew Reitemeyer / PP-NZ  (2 years)
– Board Member – Keith L. Goldstein / PP-IL (1 year)
– Board Member – Thomas Gaul / PP-DE (2 years)
– Board Member – Raymond Johansen / PP-NO (1 year)
– Board member – Koen de Voegt / PP-BE (2 years)

Meanwhile, I’ve presented the relaunch of the website of Pirate Parties International.

Sunday had some incredible speakers and workshops as well: Bernd Fix (Wau Holland Foundation, Chaos Computer Club) held an amazing talk about “Digital disobedience”, which left a lot of impressions.

Alternate board members were elected:

1. Alternate Board member Nikolay Voronov / PP-RU (2 years)
2. Alternate Board member Patrick Schiffer / PP-DE (1 year)
3. Alternate Board member Adam Wolf / PP-DE (2 years)
4. Alternate Board member Gregory Engels / PP-DE (1 year)

Court of arbitration:

Kjell Segers PP-BE
Jelena Jovanović PP-RS
Carlo von Lösch PP-IT
Denis Simonet PP-CH
Sebastian Krone PP-DE
Tom J. Quitter PP-JP

Lay auditors:

Mikulas Peksa / PP-CZ
Frantisek Navrkal / PP-CZ
Harry Hensler / Pirate without Borders

In between there was a presentation of the upcoming merchandising shop of PPI, which was set up by Gordon, Thomas and me. There still needs to be some translations and technical work, it’s going to be launched on August 8th.

At the end of the general assembly, there were interesting speeches by Joe Fionda (The Hacker Wars) and Alex Kohler (Pirate Security Conference) from Pirate Party Germany. Finally all remaining pirates helped with uncluttering the room and had some nice socializing in the open yard of the location.
You can read more in the minutes of the PPI GA .

A very nice greeting to PPI from the President of Liberland, Vit Jedlička.

A gallery of pictures from the assembly by Mike Herbst.

Bert van der Lingen (PPNL) wrote a short essay about his visit of the general assembly (in Dutch).

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Let’s take over Berlin! PPI GA, Elections and Turning 10!

Let’s take over Berlin! PPI GA, Elections and Turning 10!

If you have dreamed about an European summer tour this year might be the best possible moment for a pirate to discover Berlin and its attractions. Starting from summer, the annual meeting of Pirate Parties International will take place in Berlin, on 23rd and 24th July. Right after the conference, Berliners will have another exciting event stay tuned for: Pirates are running for the local elections. On top of that, German Pirates will be celebrating ten years of pirate movement, again – in Berlin.

On September 18th, the election of the House of Representatives in Berlin will be held. Surveys show the Pirates (with their top candidate Bruno Kramm) currently polling at about 3%, despite the good work that the elected pirates haved done over the past years in the Berlin “Abgeordnetenhaus” (City Parliament of Berlin). Current predictions are far from the Pirate Party’s electoral success in 2011, when they reached 8.9% of the vote. The Berlin success in 2011 initiated a huge hype and brought a national German double-digit party poll result in 2012.

The hype vanished just as quickly as it appeared. Repeating it and successfully moving into the Berlin parliament, now requires a good deal of hard work, persuasiveness and solidarity from international pirates. If it’s possible in Berlin to prove to the public that the pirates can get reelected on the European continent, this sign will not miss its effects in terms of a second chance of the Pirate movement on the continent and inspire our whole work as well as a possible success in the national elections in Iceland.

The choice in Berlin is not only for the local pirates of considerable importance, but for all of us. Reason enough for us, the international pirate community, to head to Berlin this summer.

What can you do:
  • Come to the General Assembly of Pirate Parties International: 22th to 24th July 2016 in Berlin, Franz-Mehring-Platz, 10243 Berlin. Event website:
  • For socializing between other Pirates, PPI offers a barbecue event and silent cinema with 2-channel-headphones in the evening of saturday, 23rd of July. Every pirate is called to bring some material to present like flags, merchandising, gimmicks, electoral video clips, interviews, short movies and presentations to show your political work to the other international Pirates in the evening.
  • Networking & Knowhow: good choice to get known a lot of Pirates worldwide. Besides delegates, guests are welcome to participate
  • It’s the beginning of the election campaign in Berlin. Some international pirates are going to use the week after the general assembly for an “adventure trip” to help Berlin Pirates in the beginning of their campaigns.
  • Come and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Pirate Party Germany on the 10th September 2016 in Berlin. Local pirates own a small motorboat for campaigning, which is going to be used for a trip through Berlin. Wave and smile for electoral campaigning while you have a nice view of the parliamentary district and the city center from the water.
For questions or accommodation please get in touch with Jessica Zinn:

Featured image: Modified screenshot from event site.

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