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Der #Eggnado von #Chemnitz.

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Beitrag von Toni Rotter.

Leider nicht auf #Diaspora aber im #Fediverse mit einem #Mastodon Account vertreten.
 via Diaspora schrieb den folgenden Beitrag Mon, 17 Sep 2018 14:33:09 +0200
We did a lot of database work! If you encounter problems while the login process; Please reset your password via the reset function!

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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UtzerUtzer schrieb den folgenden Beitrag Sat, 24 Sep 2016 14:52:59 +0200
If you want to post a nice photo or image, fine. But if you want to say something or you like to quote someone, please use text. I.e. a string of unicode characters forming words. Not images. Text usually needs much less bandwidth. Text can be read aloud by software for visually impaired people. Text can be magnified. Text can be searched. Text can be copied and pasted. Text can be quoted. Text works in non-graphical programs. Text rules. Thank you!

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